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Two Churches United in One Parish

Our Mission is to encourage all of our brothers and sisters to share the valuable gifts that each person has to offer our parish community and to invite everyone to participate more fully through prayer, worship, education and fellowship as we proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Saint Joseph Music Ministry
Saint Joseph
Catholic Church
Children and Youth Music Ministry

*3 different age groups *Each age group performs twice a year at Sunday Youth Masses
*Faith Formation hours awarded for each rehearsal and mass

Youth Praise Team:
6th-12 Grade Parish Children

Vocalists: We need singers to lead the congregation for designated Sunday Youth Masses! No past musical skills or audition are necessary. Mrs. Harvey may select vocalists, based on ability and comfort level, to sing the Responsorial Psalm.

Instrumentalists: Do you play guitar, ukulele, flute, violin, percussion, piano, or another instrument? If so, we need you! Instrumentalists should be of intermediate-advanced skill. Guitar/ukulele players should be able to read a lead sheet with chord symbols or tabs. Percussionists should have basic rhythm reading skills. Flute, violin, piano, and other like instruments should be fluent in reading music. Instrumentalists may or may not play on every single song during a mass. I will do my best to find music to suit the needs/skill levels of all of the instrumentalists. At home practice as well as rehearsal time will be necessary.

If you are interested in being an instrumentalist, please prepare a song that represents your skill level to play for Mrs. Harvey. Listening session for NEW instrumentalists is Sept 17 from 6:30-7PM. If you have a conflict, but would still like to be heard, please contact Mrs. Harvey to arrange another time.

Please see Children and Youth Music Ministry Calendar for rehearsal and performance dates. Rehearsal time is crucial! Those missing too many rehearsals will not be allowed to perform. Rehearsal times may be added/ dropped based on readiness. Students are excused from missing Faith Formation when rehearsal is necessary. Salt and Light Hours: 1 hour per rehearsal; 1 hour per mass performance

Questions? Call/text Mrs. Rachel Harvey at 706-2262 or e-mail

Please turn in the application form (see form below) to the School or Parish Office, or mail to: Mrs. Harvey 504 W. 3rd Ave. Warren, PA 16365

Sonrise Choir
2nd-5th Grade Parish Children

Sonrise Choir will lead the congregation in song at designated Sunday Youth Masses. They remain with Mrs. Harvey for the entire mass, and they do not leave for Children's Liturgy on scheduled performance dates. See calendar for rehearsal and performance dates. Rehearsal time is crucial. Those missing too many rehearsals will be asked to sit out for part or all of the performance. YouTube links may also be e-mailed for at home practice. Please note, Saint Joseph Catholic School Students in 2nd-5th Grade may also sign up to be in School Choir. This is a separate choir with its own rehearsal and performance schedule.

Salt and Light hours will be given to Faith Formation students (1 hour per rehearsal and 1 hour per mass). Students are excused from Faith Formation if we have rehearsal scheduled.

Cherub Choir
Preschool-1st Grade
Parish Children

Cherub Choir typically sings prelude music on designated Sunday Youth Mass days (see Children and Youth Music Ministry schedule). Those who can not make it to rehearsal will not be allowed to perform. I will also send YouTube links for at home practice. This allows us to have less rehearsal time in church. Salt and Light hours will be given to Faith Formation students. Students are excused from Faith Formation if we have rehearsal scheduled.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Rachel Harvey.
Call/Text 706-2262 or Email

Please turn in sign-up form to the School or Parish Office,
or mail to: Mrs. Harvey 504 W. 3rd Ave. Warren, PA 16365.
Youth Praise Team 2016-2017

For a complete schedule of Children and Youth Music Ministry
activities and Sign-up Form click here
Music Ministry Schedule & Sign-up Form

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